About Me

My name is Jessica Vail and I am a Doula and Childbirth Educator serving the Greater Wichita Area. 

I believe that birth is a unique and very intimate event in a family's life. I strive to make your child's birth a special time for you and your personal birth team, and will do my best to help you achieve your desired birth experience as best as possible.

I provide professional labor support for medicated and un-medicated births in homes, hospitals, and birth centers. I have experience with VBAC's, High-Risk pregnancies, Cesarean Sections, and Miscarriage. Breastfeeding assistance, information, and referrals are provided to those who would like them.

I am also the Chapter Leader of ICAN of Wichita, a non-profit organization that works to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary Cesareans through education, providing support for Cesarean recovery, and promoting vaginal birth after Cesarean.