Birth Pool Rental

The benefits of water in labor and birth have been recognized for centuries. Some of the best known benefits include providing pain relief without the use of medication, speeding up the progression of labor and helping the mother to take control of her labor and birth.

Birth pool rental: $100.00

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the pool for the 2 weeks before and after your due date

Rental includes:

 · Set-up and Take Down

·  Birth Pool

· Clean Filling Water Hose

· Tap Adaptor

·  Air Pump

·   Drainage pump

·   Debris Net 

Call when you are in labor and I will bring the pool and set it up for you! After your baby is born I will come clean up the mess!

*An additional purchase of a a liner  is required. I have a discount code I can provide to you for 10% off your supplies.

Other Aquaborn Pool Features:

A Little Deeper! To achieve buoyancy in water and allow easy movement between positions, 45cm of water depth is required. We know you will want to move around and assume positions which bring your body out of the water. To aid this we have made the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool a little deeper so that your waist can stay in the water even when you want to lean over the pool. This is perfect for a birth position where it is important to keep your pelvis in the water. You midwife is also in a much better position to get closer to you.

There's far less slops and spills with this pool!

The six handles provide assistance in ALL birth Positions.The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has six handles that are optimally placed to assist in all birth positions. The two on top allow backward leaning, squatting and pushing positions whilst allowing the midwife to get closer to the expectant mother if needed. The two on the sides provide assistance in forward leaning and bracing. The two internal handles provide assistance in moving from one position to another, reclining and forward leaning.

The vertical (anti-deflate) I- beams.The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has unique beams that will deflate very slowly and equally, in the unlikely event of a puncture. This gives the mother plenty of time to exit the pool safely and the water to be removed before any spillage occurs.

The top deflation ring.The top ring is inflated and deflated in seconds to allow easier access to the pool if required.    

Eco, Calm and Green.The pool is made from environmentally friendly eco vinyl which is safe for everyone, even when heated. It’s comfortable and no extra padding is required unlike other pools.  The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool provides the perfect calm and safe environment to help you through your labor and birth. Being calm is am important part of helping your labor progress more quickly. 

   The Strongest Inflatable Birth Pool.We have tested some other brands of inflatable birth pools for strength, resilience     and functional use, and the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool wins hands down. You and your partner can even stand on the side with no buckling at all, and the the unique placement of handles and extra comfort means this is the most diverse pool available for home water birth.

Fast Inflating, Fast Filling!The pool can be inflated in just 4 minutes. Filling the pool with water will of course depend on your water pressure and availability of hot water. It takes on average 35mins – 2 hrs to fill the pool, depending on the hot water system.

Tried and Tested!The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has had excellent feedback from midwives and the new mothers who have used it. Aquaborn is a relatively new company and so want to make the benefits of this pool more widely available to women from all countries at a reasonable price to help promote active and natural Birth.