Placenta Services

The "baby blues" affect the majority of new mothers today. It is so common it is not even seen as a disorder. Symptoms include weepiness, mood instability, sadness, lack of concentration, and a an overall feeling of depression. The "baby blues" are caused by a rapid change in hormones, fatigue, and the physical and emotional stress of giving birth.

Using the placenta for its natural medicinal properties is an easy, natural, and healthy way to avoid these symptoms and the costly treatments that accompany them, such as medication and counseling. 

Your placenta is an amazing and unique organ that your body made especially for you and your baby. It has nurtured your baby for the past 10 months and has the ability to help you in the days, weeks, and months after the birth.

I use the Traditional Chinese Method for Placenta Encapsulation. The process of putting your placenta into capsules takes two to three days. I have all of the necessary equipment to complete the process,all you have to do is provide your placenta! 

            In addition to encapsulation, I now offer placenta tinctures!                              

 Tinctures can be used long after your placenta pills are gone. It can be used in any time of transition, trauma, or stress on mother or baby. If kept in a cool dark place it will last for many years.

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